Sylvester Cooper


Sylvester is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the feed and agriculture industry. As a Co-founder & Executive Chairman of Akwaaba Feeds, he has covered multiple positions in the industry from working out in the fields to owning and managing his own businesses. In addition to his extensive experience in agriculture, Sylvester has also gained knowledge in the import and export industry, as well as the transport and logistics business.

Sylvester’s experience in agriculture dates back to his youth when he helped on his father’s cocoa plantation. Over the years, he has gained extensive knowledge of agriculture processes and protocols. With his wealth of experience, he has been able to create and manage successful businesses in the industry.

As a co-founder and executive chairman of Akwaaba Feeds, Sylvester has displayed great leadership and management skills. He has effectively managed teams of various sizes, ensuring that they are motivated and equipped with the right tools to achieve their goals. His ability to create and implement successful business strategies has contributed to the growth and success of Akwaaba Feeds.

Sylvester has a deep understanding of the feed and agriculture industry. He has kept up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry, enabling him to identify opportunities and create innovative solutions to meet the needs of his clients. His experience in the import and export industry, as well as the transport and logistics business, has also contributed to his industry knowledge and expertise.

Sylvester is an accomplished executive with a proven track record in the feed and agriculture industry. His extensive experience, management skills, industry knowledge, and education make him a valuable asset to any organization in the industry.